Dr Melody "creepy"

Helping me out during the asthma test lol. She said she was the creepy dr!! Doesnt look scary to me. She was in great spirits and helped me along the way.
Be careful or ill clean your ears!!
The dr is in the patient portal, waiting to lure the patient in
SEE im not scary (HIDES GLOVES)
Ive got you now!

It turns out i do have asthma though. Lots of new “toys”.(nebulizer, breathing meds, steroids, inhalers, stop smoking aids. And i just ordered a mask since my nebulizer didn’t come with a mask. Im lazy and dont want to hold it… I was spoiled at the hospital) and MUSTquit smoking Its for the best. Oh yea!


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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