Good times

We’ve pretty much decided to start over. Both looking for decent paying Full time jobs, so mel will need to be in a decent daycare. Im spastically throwing out my resume, im tired of not getting anywhere, so we are both praying to find jobs in this chaotic recession! I dont want to turn 30 without actively having a career. Im too old for retail. It wears me thin!

In the meantime, im hacking away at our credit reports again. 2006 was my last active rebuttal on them. They needed time to “rest” and let things fall off. 70% of my baddies will be gone in Feb 2010, and another 10% in June 2010. Working on pulling Chads up too. Only bad thing is, our credit was such a mess when we got married, that we have NO good credit on our reports for the last 6 years. Once all the bad falls off, we might be able to get a CC, but probably not, because we will look like newbies with no credit! haha! Anyways, im trying to find a resolution to that issue.

Our Goals:

*Clean up credit
*Get GOOD jobs
THEN once we are set, Find a HOUSE! =)

Ive been tracking my score for several years, and well its gone no where. AT least im almost to the 500s on all of them yippe! So in the midst of Melodys things, youll see my tracking as well since 2010 is the 7 yearmark on most of those baddies.

Now just dont laugh, im working hard on this!!


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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