Ok, ive had several people ask what to get for the kids this year. They already know it wont be much from us. And since i keep getting asked, i figured id throw out ideas.

Chase loves anything to do with science! Interesting kits, books, ect. And he LOVES Camo. He will not tell me what he wants though, other than PIZZA, haha!

Summer loves girly stuff to no end. Jewlrey kits, baking kits, bath and body stuff. There is something on TV shes been talking about, where you make candy jewlrey? Not sure of the name.

Auston loves games!! Board games are not a great idea though, they seem to get parts lost. He reallly wants a ds, but ill be looking for one in a pawn shop. We have an xbox, so those sorts of games or computer games.

Melody loves Legos, anything that talks back to her, music, puzzles, ect. Shes pretty easy to please!

I love knitting and my wierd diaper obsession =)

And Chad loves his WoW game. Game time cards would be excellent for him!

Anywho, there ya go for all who asked =)


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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