More changes!

Well first off, mel is 23lbs @ 22months! I cant believe she will be 2 soon!!! The time sure has flown by. She may be house confined once again due to her size and the darned threat of swine flu and RSV. But we WILL make it through! Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, but my fiesty lil girl destroyed our camera. So i will be taking pics with my cell phone.

Melody LOVES to sit and draw with her big bro, it seems she will be left handed. Here is a drawing she did from yeseterday =)Isnt it purdy!!?

On to our updates. We have cut back on several things to help our finances, and become more stable. We cancelled our cell phones for now. We may revive them in the future, but for now the home phone is what we’ve got. Also, Chad and i have started to quit smoking. It is very hard on us both, and for some reason has made us both violently ill at times. But im sure once our bodies are used to no nicotiene, we will be fine!

I have also got more hours at work! YAY! im up to 30 hours a week vs the 6-8 i was getting. Im still on the search for a better job, but nothing has panned out quite yet.

Auston has started football,
chase is still doing scouts, and summer just finished up Ice skating a few weeks ago!


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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