Driving me crazy!!

OK, so for the past 2 years, ive worked part time and stayed at home with Mel. She has surely hit the terrible two’s early. I’ve been working VERY hard to discpline her, but each and every day, it all goes down the tubes, because im not exactly getting help when hubby comes home. He cuddles and tickles, spoils and plays, but doesnt do anything about her behavior, and its driving me nuts!!!!

She relentlessly climbs and get into things she KNOWS shes not allowed to. And with me, i tell her no and she walks away. If daddy is home, she screams and throws a fit! Even if im the one correcting her (most of the time daddy sits and plays games on his computer while i take care of things, but she still knows hes here, and chooses to whine and scream).

Im simply exhausted of doing it all alone, and her moods changing when he comes home. Grrr… And im looking into a full time job, i fear it is just going to get worse =(

Help!! Advise anyone?


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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