Friday’s Yarn Project

So friday i decided to try something new with my dying… The kids tried to help, but heres what we did. We layed it out, and put our vinegar/easter egg dye on. Wrapped it up in sran wrap and plopped it in a doubler boiler to steam for an hour.

Cooking Yarn

Then after it cooled off, plopped it into the sink to wash and condition it (to make it yummy soft!)
Washing yarn

And then let it dry.

Then skeined it back up and rolled it into a ball! Pretty huh?

And of course, thats not all! It has to be made into something ultra pretty now, right? Well here it is! One pair of shorties in progress! Arent they bright and pretty!? Would go super with a tye dyed shirt!


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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