Chad, the man behind the woman…

They always say its the woman behind the man, but i have to disagree. Its the man that holds me up throughout all the chaos. The man whom devotes himself so passionately to everything that he does in life.

When i cry, he wipes the tears away. When i fall, he holds me up and tells me it will be ok. And when i get sick, and cannot be there, he takes it upon himself to do everything that i do, with no complaints.

You took complete control and responsibility for my kids when i was in the hospital. It truely amazed me!!

You love us like no other. You love everything like no other. I envy your passion for life. You love your job to the point of working yourself into exhaustion. I envy your dedication, and pray that you get a well deserved vacation soon.

You have shown me things i cannot see with my own eyes, but feel within my heart. A love that cannot be broken.I love you.


Author: tnacke

Wife and Mom of 4 monkeys. Always causing trouble. LOL just kidding. Love my babies!!

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