Silly Girl

20170317_180226Sweet lil Melody did this yesterday. She pulled out her side table, then pulled out her trundle bed, AND made it! I asked her why and she told me that Summer was spending the night. Of course, i ask why, and she explains because Summer is working and thats what girls do when they work. They spend the night with eachother. We still have yet to rearrange her room, lol!

Mel’s first Med bracelet

myid-sport-black-pinkWith the meds and all the dr’s shes working with, i figured its time for her to have one of her own. Just in case shes at school they can scan her in. It has a QR code, a website and phone number listed on the bracelet! So they will know who she is, what her issues are, and what to do. I just dont feel safe right now with her running around without one. Now its just going to be a matter of getting her to wear it!

I may just get a matching one!

Melody’s 2016 book

I havent decided if im going to cram into one or not. I have another free book so i might just do the other half in another book. Her Taekwondo has its own book.

Give it a minute to load

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